I received a call from a credit union in Iowa looking for assistance in finding a vendor in this area and


I referred the individual to a local  member of the Chamber I know and they were hired by the Iowa company.


They both were very grateful, for the assistance and the referral of business.


When I asked how they got my name, they said they were very active in their local chamber of commerce. They called the The Milford Area Chamber of Commerce and spoke to Laura who directed them to me because she knew I  could assist them.  This is one of many reasons I am active in the Milford Area Chamber of Commerce.


-Peter Mazzini



The work that the Milford Area Chamber of Commerce does to promote its members is phenomenal! Our phone has rung many times from MACC referrals. Thank you MACC

-Dinner and Company Gourmet Catering


I joined the Milford Area Chamber of Commerce over a year ago after moving to the area.

I joined the chamber with the hope of making some new connections that would help me expand my business. Little did I know that the members of this chamber were so committed to helping and supporting each other! Since I joined I have met many amazing and interesting people, I have expanded my business and created great friendships.

Before joining the MACC I belonged to three other chambers, I never felt the connection and commitment that I have found here. Needless to say, I never renewed my membership with the other chambers.

Siobhan and Laura, the chamber president and event coordinator, are unbelievable friendly, they know everyone’s name, and they both go out of their way to help and support the MACC members.


-Beatriz Sanchez.

BG Coffee Enterprises, Inc.